A 100% free blog post about Tim Wu's "New Monopolists."

I won't even pretend to have read Tim Wu's new book, The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires, but I don't like it already. If his column in the Wall Street Journal is any indication, it's a vast oversimplification based on an apples-and-the-color-orange comparison. Consider my review of the column on NewsTrust, in which I respond to the whole thing in-line. You can read Tim Wu along with me from inside my mind. Read my review, in line with Wu's column, here.

The Stone

I am so excited for "The Stone," the New York Times' new Opinionator column on philosophy. I hope it asks simple and fundamental questions, rather than spinning off into aesthete, bouge-y Times wankery. The Times has taken a gamble with this one, and I hope they use it wisely, as a way of illuminating the unexamined assumptions of the status quo. Moderator Simon Critchley's first post, "What Is a Philosopher?", positions "The Stone" as a venue for pushing and criticizing Business As Usual, but it betrays no intellectual commitments that could jeopardize this ambitious project.